April 6, 2009

New Bracelets

Check out the cool clay beads we found at Michaels! There are also two little beads that say "Love 2 Knit".
This is my spring/summer bracelet. R wore it to church the other day and it looked very cute with her outfit.

Speaking of church...we had some real excitement yesterday during morning services. We were sitting in the balcony - all quiet and attentive to the sermon. Out of nowhere comes a wasp. A WASP! We were all dodging it and hoping it would return the favor. It got past Mom, then me... There sat poor R. It got her on the inside of her wrist and then, somehow, got under her skirt. We were doing some heavy duty scrambling trying to get away from that thing! We went to the bathroom to check out the sting on her leg and it had really swelled up - big time. We knew she wasn't allergic, so she agreed to stay until services were over. On the way home we got her some Benedryl and a Sprite. The Sprite bottle served as an ice pack until we could get home! An hour or so later the swelling was down and by bed time you could hardly tell where it was at all.

The hostas are all coming up and looking beautiful. The 70 degree weather we had yesterday really perked them up. However, we have the possibility of snow flurries tonight and tomorrow morning! R and L raked some leaves over the hostas, so hopefully they won't get zapped.

As soon as the bibs are finished, I will show them off. Right now I'm knitting a 'Green Peace' bib - it's so cute! Probably my favorite of the three I've made so far.

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Thimbleanna said...

Those little knitting beads are so cute. The wasp ordeal sounds awful -- I reeeeeally don't like those things!