April 15, 2009

Baby Bibs for Raj

Mom's neighbors just had their first baby - Rajesh. He's adorable from the pictures I've seen of him. I wanted to make something functional that he could use for a while, so I decided on bibs. Two are made from the Mason Dixon Knitting book #1. The blue bib looked so plain I decided to 'spruce it up' with a crocheted trim. The green bib is my favorite. I found the pattern on www.KnittingPatternCentral.com. It's called Green Peace. Of course you need to make it out of green and it has the little peace sign on it. It was fun to make. I just hope Raji will get plenty of use out of all three of them.


kelly said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!!! Those are cute. You must think he's gonna' be pretty messy.

Linda S. said...

These are adorable. You've given me inspiration for Hannah! lol

Mom said...

Wow...you're a "Star!"
They ARE cute, but you already know that...I told ya' so!
I really enjoyed our trek through "Family Ancestry.com"... looking for all of our "outlaw and goodie-two shoes" relatives. I KNOW we have lots of good folks on "our side," but I have to wonder if there are any "Moonshiners" on either side!!! Of couse that doesn't count my Dad, who was always blowing up his bottles of homemade beer in Mom's laundry room!!!
That always soooo embaresed me, when any of my friends would come over! Not to mention our laundry, that sometimes smelled like booze! The rest of us were "fine, upstanding Republicans!" Well, Daddy was too!...he just had that one flaw that kept Mom "one vote short of being the President of the PTA!!!"
Well, I guess I'm through with my familytree stuff...will close for now.
Love, Mom