April 12, 2009

Time for Pie

The resident bakers (R and L) have been in a pie baking kind of mood. R found a recipe in Mary Jane's Farm magazine for a raspberry and rhubarb pandowdy. Since only some of us like raspeberries ... and I don't.... and since rhubarb isn't in season, they opted to change the recipe to strawberry and apple. I had my doubts, but they were soon carried away. One taste and I knew they had stumbled onto something pretty good!
For Easter dessert they decided to make strawberry pies. R decorated the one on the right and L decorated the one on the left. They were almost too pretty to cut into. Note: I said almost!
We ate too much, enjoyed each others company and missed Daddy. That said, it was a nice day. I hope you all had a nice Easter too.

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kelly said...

Who cooks strawberries?!? Big sillies...