March 11, 2009

Weird Weather

When we got back from Florida, we walked right into a winter wonderland. Snow was everywhere! Icicles were hanging from the roof and the wind chime on the back porch was one HUGE icicle.
Then spring decided it couldn't wait. The snow melted, the icicles fell off the roof, and the temperature climbed...and climbed...and climbed. We went from heat to a/c in a day or two. Unfortunately, the a/c didn't want to cooperate. $200 later and a new capacitor, we have a/c. However, spring has decided it wasn't ready after all, and it is dropping back down to heat weather. The capacitor is necessary for the heater too, so it was money well spent.
The daffodils have all bloomed and will probably get frost bite. My forsythia is blooming and I am so afraid it will get zapped too. It's still in the pot, so if I need to move it to a better place I can. See that beautiful blue sky? It was gone by late afternoon and replaced with rain clouds.

Did I show you these socks? RL and R bought the yarn for me while they were in Florida visiting his Dad before he passed away. They bought it at a yarn store in Cocoa Village. When RLs Dad died and we went to Florida in January, I decided to knit the socks on the trip. They are my Florida socks! They are quite comfy too.

When we went to Florida for Daddy's memorial service, R and I snuck out from time to time and went to the greatest JoAnns ever! Their cotton yarn was on sale and I HAD to get some. You can't pass up yarn on sale, ya know! This is a little hard to make out, but the yarn reminded me of Clemson colors. Since my BIL went to Clemson and since I was in the mood to make one of the hanging towels from the latest Mason Dixon book, I made this for my sister. Now I have to figure out what to do with all the other great cotton yarn that managed to sneak into my luggage!

We also learned how to make some really cute bracelets while we were in Florida. Mom's best friend, Deb, taught us. She opened up her bead supplies and let us have at it. She had the neatest stash of beads! It was incredibly nice of her to share all of it with us as well as to teach us how to make neat bracelets. I'll have to get some pictures soon of the three I made while there. I've got some ideas swimming around for some I want to make, so once those are made, I'll snap some pics of those too.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last few posts. This has been a very difficult time for all of us. This new life has its ups and downs. I cannot believe all of the legal things that have to be taken care of during all this grieving! Most people we have dealt with have been wonderful and very understanding though. Thank you.


kelly said...

Your sister thanks you. I'm still getting your "bag-o-crap" ready. Do you need more yarn?

Thimbleanna said...

Those socks are gorgeous -- love the sock blockers too -- I need to get some of those. I'm amazed at how much time and effort is involved in settling estates. It sort of makes sense though -- it would be hard to imagine wrapping up a whole lifetime in just a day or two.

Mom said...

Has Kelly sent the CRAP yet?