March 29, 2009

Daddy's Day

Since Daddy passed away on a Sunday, I always think of him more on that day than others. I love this picture of him. It's proof that on one day of his life he did the dishes! Actually we have another picture of him taken about 15 years ago washing dishes too. I'm so glad that both times he was in the kitchen working were documented!
We've been busy trying to get things back to 'normal'...whatever the heck that is supposed to be now. We've been reading, watching movies (liked the new James Bond movie - lots of action), knitting, making bracelets and getting geared up to do some school with Luke, much to his dismay.
Today the sun is actually shining! What is up with that???? Aredhel and I have been e-mailing one another about finding some plans for an Ark. Yes, it was looking that desperate. Hope spring has sprung where you are.

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Anonymous said...

I am forever in love with this man!
Only wish I'd met him sooner, and could have kept him longer.
He could do so many things it was amazing just how talented he really was. Sometimes, after one of his building projects he might sweep up...or, he might not! But the dust was not on his agenda. Making a wonderful memmory was!!! He made 3 very big, and very beautiful for us, one for Kelly and one for Kristy. Each of us have a part of their Dad to cherish forever!
Bill was an outstanding man, father and husband...a very talented woodworker and a fun traverler.
I'm so thankful that we were able to travel to so many places.
Some of the best vacations we ever had were to "Amish Country" in PA.
We met people there who became dear friends and made so many memories in the process. Our Amish friends, John and Rebecca, and their daughter Susie, came to Florida to see us and stayed with us for several days. I would tell you..."they drove down in their brand new Ford Viper", but...I'd better not...that would be a huge lie! They came down on the train, which looked to me like a wonderful way to go anywhere!
We've had so much fun with Pennsylvania and in Florida.
I guess I'd better hush and head on over to Kristy's, I'm supposed to be helping her, not yakking on this computer!
I love you Kris....Mom