March 23, 2009


Ginger is checking in to see how everybody is doing. Actually, she's scratching her ear, but it does look like she's being slightly nosey to me.
We have been making bracelets. When my Mom's best friend was up here after Daddy died. Deb taught us how to make bracelets. It was a nice, relaxing way to pass an otherwise stressful time. Naturally we have been knitting too, but bracelets have turned into a quick creative outlet, so we've added them to our list of crafts.

R made this one out of some gem chips (I think that's what they are called) that we got from the rock and mineral show last year.
R made this one using Deb's stash while we were in Florida. The beads that look black have sparkles in them. So pretty.

I found these clay beads at Michaels and thought I would do something with them. I think it turned out pretty good!

I made this one in Florida with Deb's stash. Kind of springy looking.

This was my first one. I like the silver hearts.
Like my pink shoes? They decided to peek into the picture!

This is my ladybug bracelet. I really like this one.
R made this one. My sister sent the pretty blue beats in the 'box o' crap' that she mailed to us. I thought it turned out very nice.

R picked out these clay beads when I picked out the shell clay beads. She said it reminded her of quilt blocks. I really like this one. Well, hey, I like them all!

I made this one in Florida using Deb's stash. She had one just like it and I really liked it. I thought it would look good with jeans. It does. It gets a whole lot of wear.

I made this one Saturday night. The little sun charm is so cute. I didn't mean to have so much silver, but it looks okay.
R made this one from some beads in her stash. Fancy smancy!
We used magnetic clasps for all of them. I ordered them from a lady on ebay and man, she is FAST! I ordered them on Friday night - late - and they got here this morning! Unbelievable! She will get a good review from me! The only problem with the magnetic clasps is you can't wear them near the computer, if you have a pace maker or if you are pregnant. The computer is my only problem there - so I'm careful. One morning I got the toaster out and was stuck to it for a second! Oh - and if you are wearing a watch, wear it on the other hand. I guess it could mess with the insides of your watch.


kelly said...

Very nice jewels. Nice use of the box o' crap.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- great bracelets! I especially like the one with the ladybugs, the clay bead one and the one right below it made from Deb's stash. Isn't it fun to have a new hobby???