October 16, 2008

Candy Corn Version 2.0

With enough acrylic yarn to make another Candy Corn hat and it sitting there staring at me - taunting me - I set out to make another hat. The kids were taking turns wearing the other one, so I decided to make another...one for each kiddo. This one is slightly different. Well, when you knit during the debate, you have to expect some knitting 'differences'. I lost track of the pattern and knit an extra orange row. Then I started the white before I was supposed to. Well, I will say I 'modified the pattern' so the kids could tell their hats apart. Are you buying it?
Herman wanted to model this one. He was jealous of Cindy Styrofoam Head getting to model the first one. So, Herman posed in front of the spider web and smiled his very best smile. What a fine fella he is!

1 comment:

Linda S. said...

Love these hats! I will have to try these with my newfound knitting skills..lol