October 7, 2008

Guess What????

Desperately searching for jeans this morning after being entirely too lazy to empty the dryer after drying a load of clothes the other day, I flung open the door and there were jeans for everybody for today. Yay! That would be enough to make my feeble little mind rejoice. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I was in for a bigger reason to rejoice. $20 fell onto the floor when I got the clothes out. Hmmm, must belong to RL or the kids. I took the clothes into my room and then got a weird feeling...what if that money was part of the money I thought I had lost the morning of the fair???? So, I went back to the dryer and on the floor in front of it was another $20. Do you think it's the long lost fair money that I whined on and on about? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

There's been more sock knitting going on in these parts.

I have to admit, there's always knitting going on in these parts, but this was the latest knitting. I finished them the night before last and had to wait for a photo op so I could show you. I think they turned out pretty good. Of course the yarn is from Knit Picks and the pattern is the good old generic sock pattern from the Yarn Harlot that I tend to use for some mindless knitting. Since the fair, mindless knitting has been the order of the week!

Anybody out there making a scarf for the Special Olympics? I noticed Ravelry had a group going and also I've seen articles in knitting mags. I cast on for one last night. It's also some mindless knitting, but it's certainly for a worthy cause. Check out Ravelry for more information. You might want to participate. It calls for Red Heart yarn - which we all know isn't difficult to find and probably won't break the bank. However, and here's the clincher, finding the blue was really hard. I went to all the normal Red Heart places and couldn't find it. On a whim I went to Wal-Mart and there was Delft Blue! So, check Wal-Mart first - learn from my mistake!

That's it! I've got to call RL and tell him about my dryer experience. I think it's definitely worth sharing!


mom said...

Good Morning "Sunshine"...
Love the woodsy look of your new heading...I can almost smell the pine from here!
Bless your sweet heart! I felt so bad for you the other day when you were going through the crisis, thinking you had lost that money. Knowing how hard you work for it to begin with, only makes it that much worse. I do believe the Lord was watching over you...after all!
The "blog socks" would be sooo pretty...if not for the horrific gator colors! It's all I could do this morning, to even say that word! I may have to go back to bed and somehow cleanse my thoughts!
Have a day!
I luv you...Mom

AllyJo said...

You mean these socks? For me? Are you kidding? That is so wonderful. My love language is gifts and no one ever gives me anything. LOL Thank you for comforting my coveting. I feel so blessed. Thank you SISTER in the Lord. You are truely a blessing to me.

Love you.

God bless you this week. Wish I was there. I'm sick of Florida, but then I feel guilty for not being content. NC is the only place I don't need Advil.

AllyJo said...

You know, my own mother didn't even call me on my 40th birthday. I have hardly heard from here. These socks will be treasured. If you could only see my crazy sock drawer. I collect them AND wear them.