May 15, 2012

My Creative Geniuses

I asked the kids if they would make my Mother's Day cards this year.  Both of them are creative in many ways, so I was anxious to see what they would do.  Of course they exceeded my expectations.  Looks like I'll be buying some frames soon!
R embroidered this using a design she had here at the house.  First she punched the paper and then embroidered.  I definitely think some bright colored mats will look great with it.

L used his artsy fartsy markers and water colors.  He must have spent quite a bit of time on Google looking up all those versions of 'Mom'!

R thought it would be a cool idea to join NetFlix for at least the first month free.  She got me tons of candy like you'd find at the movie theater.  So far we've been watching lots of old television shows and old movies.  I think we'll enjoy it.

And.....she couldn't have selected anything better especially at this time.  Last night while mentoring underprivileged children at the local skate park, she had just finished a gnarly run on the half pipe and stuck a clean landing that she walked away from.  She delivered each of the children back home personally after treating them to ice cream when she started complaining of a slight discomfort in her right foot.  Terribly upset that she might miss next week's Capoeira demonstration with the aforementioned children, we decided a visit to the doctor was in order.  Lo and behold, her 5th metatarsal of her right foot was broken.  Three months in a boot and no weight bearing on that foot were just what the doctor ordered.  That was the most expensive shoe the child has ever had - and, thankfully, it was not even a pair!

Doesn't all that sound so much better than saying she stepped in a hole about three inches deep in the garden?  Yeah, we thought so too!   

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