May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
I have no idea when that picture was taken, but it sure looks like Mom had her hands full.  Daddy was a photographer so everywhere we went turned into a photo op.  Absolutely LOVE Mom's glasses.  At the time she had those I didn't think much of them.  They were just 'mom'.  Now I look at them and think, "What on earth was she thinking?"

I've had some pretty special Mother's Days in my life and was trying to think of my favorite.  I think it would have to be my very first one.  Actually, I consider my first one before I even had a baby to carry around.  My sister (that's her in the middle up there) and I had gone to the beach the Saturday before Mother's Day.  She had three boys - each two years apart.  We were sitting in the sand watching the boys play when I started telling her I just hadn't been feeling right lately.  She wanted details, so I gave them to her.  She thought I was pregnant.  Naw - that wasn't possible or was it?  The doctor had told me I could have trouble conceiving, but I wasn't giving up hope.  I took a quick shower at the beach to get rid of most of the sand and headed for a walk-in clinic.  The place was just about empty.  I asked for a pregnancy test.  A few minutes later the nurse came out and told me I was pregnant!  I was so excited that I hugged everybody in the office!  I don't even remember how I told RL!  The next day we went to his Mom and Dad's for Mother's Day.  We were all sitting around, acting all innocent like and caught RLs Mom slightly distracted.  Then we casually threw it into the conversation.  She didn't believe us!  I don't know how many times we actually had to tell her before she did!  The next Mother's Day I had my own baby and two years later my other baby.  Some Mother's Days have been sad.  We had my grandmother's memorial service on Mother's Day 1997.  Some have been surprises - like a trip to Disney World!  Most have been great.  I love being a Mom and I'm so happy we were blessed with our two kids.     

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must be hard to maintain total "babeness" when you are surrounded by wisenheimers...