December 26, 2010

White Christmas

I guess all those years of watching "White Christmas" finally paid off! We had a beautiful white Christmas this year! Luckily the snow didn't start falling until the afternoon, so we were able to see Mom safely home and then come back safely to our home! The picture above is from last night, off of our back deck.

This was the view from our front door. You can hardly tell that's a Moravian star hanging there to the left! I think we got somewhere between three to six inches - it is up for debate in our house!

I was hoping to get a picture of the steps, but I wasn't willing to hang myself out there that much! I don't think we've gotten above freezing today and I am officially freezing in this house! The kids are going out there to walk around and take in the sights, but I am content to sit on the couch and watch them take in the sights!
Here's a really lousy picture of the 'Divine Miss M's' quilt. I gave it to her on Christmas eve. I don't know if she liked it or not. It's really hard for a two year old to get hyped up over a quilt, but especially when she's trying to wake up from her nap. Plus she was really counting on a roller coaster - I know, I know, it was as big a surprise to me as it was to her parents! I don't see one in the back yard. Santa must have thought twice about it!
I hope everybody had a nice Christmas. We had a very nice, low key day. I was a little leery of how it would all turn out. We, like everybody else in the world, were short on extra cash for Christmas spending. This year has been quite busy and thinking of Christmas gifts or making Christmas gifts were put off until it was almost too late. Then with both of the kids getting the flu, it was difficult to get anything done around here. Luckily, the kids were very careful selecting what they wanted for Christmas and provided some excellent lists for Santa. They also did an excellent job with what little money they had to get gifts for RL and me. I was so proud of them. I think we all had a wonderful day and enjoyed everything we received, especially since so much thought went into it. In the next few days I'll try to post some pictures of the beautiful handmade gifts I've received from my on-line buddies. I was so surprised and pleased to even be thought of let alone receive the beautiful gifts they put time into. Thank you! In the meantime, enjoy your time off work and Happy New Year!


kelly said...

I want a roller coaster...

Debbie said...

You know, the old amusement park 5 minutes from my house has a spare roller coaster....I am sure that they would be GLAD for you to take it off their hands.

And that quilt is just yummy.