December 17, 2010

Ready or Not - Here it Comes!!!!

I have come to terms with it. Christmas is coming whether I am ready or not. Christmas cards are slowly trickling out. We had great plans to make our own only to have other things get in the way and have to resort to store bought cards. Maybe next year we'll have it all together. It could happen. The house will never be clean enough to suit me, so I am trying to step over the 'little stuff' and move the 'bigger stuff' until I get some Christmas things finished. I've got to check the stocking stuffers to make sure we are 'even'. Don't want uneven stocking stuffers between the kids! Orders are slowly trickling in. We're still waiting for one. Wouldn't you know, it's one that needs some further work!
We never did make it to the dentist on Wednesday. We had a sick boy, so I called and cancelled. He continued to get sicker so I called our doctor who said he could see him the next morning. Thank goodness! What started out as a sore throat and a slight cough, turned into a 102 temp and more coughing. He has the flu. I knew I should have taken him in for his shot. Bummer. We just couldn't get him to a 'good spot' to take him and now he has to suffer. Poor kid. I think he's feeling a little better now that his fever has broken and he's chugging gatorade like there's no tomorrow. It's also given him a chance to watch all the DVDs of 'Firefly' that he's been wanting to see again. Add to that a native Floridian who has NO FREAKIN' IDEA how to drive in ice and had to drive in ice yesterday to get to the doctor and you'll have an idea how our week is going!
I also need to properly thank some people for some wonderful gifts that have come my way. I haven't forgotten and I will thank you! I have really been blessed with some thoughtful and talented friends. I'll take pictures soon and post them so you can see just how talented they are.
Oh - I made the Divine Miss M a rag quilt for Christmas and I need to take pictures of that too. She used to be Little Miss M, but she started REALLY developing a personality, so the kids now refer to her as the Divine Miss M. Somehow it is more fitting!
Happy Holiday Crafting!

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