November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)

We're kind of laying low today. Lots of work for the big day and lots of eating has left us with no desire for anything else. How did your day go? Here's a brief run down of our day.
Every year RL makes the dressing. One of us mans the toaster while one of us chops up everything else that goes into it. For years RL has stacked the toast like a house of cards so the toast would stay dried out. This year R had to step it up! She made "Toast Towers"! The toast was cut to lock into the other pieces and then a flag was made to finish it. 'If a job is worth doing - it is worth doing all the way' is her motto!

Here are the chocolate chip pies I made. These are my favorite. Notice the lovely crusts that our toast tower builder made. No store bought crusts for that girl!

This was her lovely creation for Mom. Mom has always loved mincemeat pie, so R made the mincemeat from scratch and then made a beautiful pie crust to go on top. I think she said it was a shaker weave pattern. Once again - all the way and over the top!

RLs favorite - pumpkin pie, with the necessary 'testing spot' in the center! L had decided no sweets for him so he passed on the pies this year. What will power! Wonder if he could loan some to me for Christmas!?!

Here's the pie crust for the chocolate chip pie before the chocolate chip goodness got into it.

It's not ALL about pies around here. Here is a deer track RL and R found on their walk the other day. We have a new park in town with a walking trail and they said they found all kinds of deer tracks! I wonder if the town council would frown on a tree stand in the park........

Fire Cloud! Isn't it beautiful? Every once in a while we are lucky enough to see one. This was at the walking park too.

And here's the view from the walking track. Give me that over a treadmill any day!
Shoot! After the Thanksgiving we had I should be there right now.

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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, look at all that yummy food. Especially that mincemeat pie -- it's gorgeous -- what talent!!!