August 27, 2010

Look Who's 20!

My baby boy is 20! How did that happen? He is officially older than me now. Not sure how that happened, but it does.
Every year on their birthdays, I wake the kids telling them about the day they were born. I really pour on the drama. They roll over in bed, with a very audible groan, and cover their heads. They humor me - such good kids. I try to make it a little more dramatic every year. It really is difficult to do this without laughing my head off at their reactions. This year I decided to do something different - I would tell him about the day he was conceived! Ha! He didn't see that coming! He's been dreading it all week! This morning when I woke him, I told him it was time. Groan.....cover head....roll over.... Then I told him all this crap about Star Wars, midi-chlorians, cabbage patches and our love that made this little creature grow. So I spared him the true facts that no kid wants to hear - no matter how old you are!
I love you buddy! You have really added so much to our lives. I am so glad we found you in that cabbage patch!


kelly said...

I was there. It was the stork what brung him. He was like holding a sack of taters. The stork was not the same, nor ever heard from again. The end

Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical. I can just imagine what my boys said if I tried to tell them about conception. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!