June 18, 2010

You'd Think This Was a Knitting Blog!

Gee whiz! What is up with all this knitting? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do enjoy putting a dent in my yarn stash. This past Christmas I got some beautiful red yarn from my Ravelry buddy. What can I say, she keeps me well supplied in yarn and I love it! I kept this yarn tucked away for something special. Although you can't tell from the pictures, it looks kettle dyed. And, I love the color red, so this yarn really needed something special.

Aredhel suggested the Ravelry pattern '198 yards of Heaven.' Beautiful pattern. Wait, let me correct that....beautiful once it's worked up. The pattern stinks. I know that's not fair. So, I'll take most of the blame for that. I started knitting this thing at least ten times. I'm not over estimating that either. TEN TIMES! I wasn't going to be done in by this pattern. I was going to conquer it. I am not a chart reader, so I was using the line by line directions. Quite a bit of the directions are assumed. Luckily, my in house knitting guru knows a thing or two about knitting shawls and reading vague patterns, so she helped me through it.

The pictures are pre-blocking. I used my crummy little camera, so I'll have to get the yarn guru to take some better pictures with her fancy smancy camera now that it's been blocked.

Kind of looks like wings, doesn't it?

I'm not quite sure what will hit the needles next. Sock yarn is spilling out all over my knitting spot in the living room, so maybe it's time to start knitting some for this winter. Rumor has it I'll be getting a knitting book for my birthday, which is today!!!! So, maybe the next great project will be within the pages of that book. We'll see.


kelly said...

hippo birdie two ewe.....

Aredhel said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was the greatest:-)

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like angel wings -- not just wings. ;-) Beautiful yarn and pattern -- very pretty!