June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is a very difficult holiday around here. Since RL and I lost our fathers, it is a day of mixed emotions. We are celebrating with RL by spoiling him with a big grill. Unfortunately he found out about the gift because it wouldn't fit in my car or Mom's van! So he had to save the day and pick up his own gift in his truck. Oh well. It happens! :) So tomorrow will be all about RL and letting him grill for us!

Daddy in the Smoky Mountains.
12/02/32 - 02/15/09

We really miss you Daddy!

Popo with three of his grandkids in 1988.

08/07/34 - 01/21/09
We miss you Popo!

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Barbara Peeler said...

Wow...I can smell the woods and the pine just looking at your Dad! Getting away from "Harris", and the Florida heat, was such a blesssing for both of us.
If not for his accident...we would be living there!
..."Oh well...no matter, I can't bring him back!
I know he's in a much better place than any of us.
I just miss watching him shave...or listening to his deep voice on the phone. WOW...was I ever Lucky!
Love, Mom