June 11, 2010

MORE Knitting Content!

Can you believe that I have two blog posts, in a row, about knitting!?!?! What is up with that? I've been trying to branch out a little from socks. No, I'm not giving up my unnatural obsession with knitting socks. I've just decided to devote a little time to something else for now. A friend of our family found out she has cancer. They did surgery and now are doing chemo. Since she is losing her hair, I thought I should make her a chemo cap.

The color isn't showing up accurately, as usual! :) I used Comfy Worsted in the Marlin colorway from Knit Picks. It is incredibly soft. When I researched chemo caps, I saw a whole bunch of dos and don'ts regarding yarn types. This yarn seemed ideal. It's machine washable and soft.
The pattern is called "Mira" and was designed by my knitting guru several years back. She's been wanting to get into knit design and I think this hat shows off her design talents.

I love how it looks like a star when you look at the top.
Now I have a question for you. If this pattern was available, would you be interested in buying it? Would you be willing to pay for it? I think she has the talent to take her designs somewhere. What about you?


r said...


cough... cough...

*ahem* cough...

Luann said...

very nice. And very nice of you to do this for her.