May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginger

Today Ginger is 15 years old. She acts more like a kitten now than she ever did. What is up with that?

What do you do when you are outside and should be working the soil for your sunflower garden? Anything you can think of to NOT work the soil for your sunflower garden! The weather here has been very pleasant - I don't think we got out of the 60's today. It's not going to stay this way for long, so the time to do heavy garden work is now so you don't get heatstroke. We've been finding rocks out in the back of the yard for weeks now. RL tried to make a mini Stonehenge for me, but it fell down. While R was trying desperately not to work in her garden, she decided to take up a rock stacking challenge. How on earth she got that big heavy rock to balance on those little rocks, I'll never know. If anybody can do it though, it's her! It was kind of like watching Jenga in reverse.

We may not have sunflowers later this summer, but we will still have our gravity defying rock sculpture!

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AllyJo said...

LOL Cute picture.