May 27, 2010

The Boys Are Back!

My boys are back from Florida!

Boy, did I ever miss them! RL and L went down to help RLs Mom do some landscaping before it got too hot. I guess the joke was on them - it was already too hot! That's not just a joke, it's a cruel joke! I grew up in Florida and never thought I could live anywhere else. After living in North Carolina for almost 13 years, I've changed my tune! The humidity down there is brutal. The only season down there is brutal too - that season would be summer.

In about 90 degree weather, they replaced some shrubs that had frozen this past winter.
They also enlarged this butterfly flower bed. I felt so sorry for them. They would call and tell us how hot it was and how they had to take breaks from time to time. Even the natives thought it was too hot for that type of work! When the natives complain, you know it's too hot! But at least they are finished until the next time.
On the home front, I got my hair trimmed. I have always had short hair. However, about five years ago, I decided to let it grow. I've had it cut once since then and maybe had 10-15 inches cut off. I thought it was covering my rather round bottom, but it wasn't. I asked RL to trim it and he cut off about six inches. Well, I thought it was six inches, turns out the ponytail I made as a guide was slightly off and was more like eight inches. Oops! As Mom says, it's only hair and it'll grow back. Oh please be right Mom!
As for knitting, I'm almost finished with a pair of socks. I'm very anxious to finish them. My ravelry buddy sent the yarn to me and it is gorgeous. I hope the pattern I chose does it justice!

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