February 11, 2009

Keep Praying!

After almost 24 hours sitting in the ICU, we still don't know what's going on. Daddy has definitely had a stroke. It's a bleeding stroke which accounts for approximately 20% of all strokes. The bleeding appears to have stopped. He is still unconscious, as he has been since the stroke occurred on Monday afternoon. We are hoping for some more brain activity and possible some awake time for him tomorrow. Some nurses say to talk to him and touch him - some nurses say we are overstimulating him by doing just that. So incredibly confusing. Nobody will give us straight answers saying they are not fortune tellers. Just tell me if he's going to live. Mom is weary beyond belief. My sister got into town tonight, so we are all here. The kids are real troopers and seem to know how to make themselves at home in hospital waiting rooms. After a year of waiting rooms for their other grandfather, they are pros. We have met the most wonderful people!!!!! A couple of sisters who have prayed with us, hugged us, offered us whatever snacks they have had and treated us like family; a wonderful chaplain who seems to find us and offers up prayers just when we need them the most; and an endless supply of thoughtful and caring family members and those who are closer than family who are praying endlessly. I've seen good and I've seen bad. Seems these situations bring those qualities out at times like this. RL is still reeling from his own father's illness and this is slamming him into some memories that are still quite raw. Please pray for us. I know I have asked a lot of all of you this past year, but I wouldn't ask if we really didn't need it. I'm not ready to let Daddy go quite yet. He's such a spunky guy and is my rock in most of my emotional and spiritual troubles. His name is Bill and he is the best!
Thank you!

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