February 1, 2009

January Socks - finished

R wanted to get 'Socks a la Carte' for me for Christmas. However, it wasn't going to be available in time. Guess what, it was! She was upset that she couldn't get it since she bought another book for me instead. So, when it became available from my book club, I sent off for a copy right away. It's a pretty cool book with all kinds of neat ideas. With my new book in hand and lots of new sock yarn from Christmas, I set out to pick out the three combos for the ideal sock. I chose the 'Peek-O' cuff. All I can say about the picot cuff is - never again! I love the look and knitting it was easy enough. However, working at night with a dark yarn and trying to pick up those stitches after folding it over - was not easy at all! Luckily I have a knitting guru who calmly picked up the sock after I threw it across the room and exclaimed, "I hate this sock!" She walked me through it and even finished part of it for me. God bless that kid! On to the body. Since the kids were playing Super Mario Galaxy, I chose the Spiral Galaxy pattern. What a totally relaxing pattern after that horrid picot cuff. Things were moving along great! I chose the Dutch Heel with Classic Toe for the foot. Hmmm, after following the directions word for word, why does my heel look like an eye of the partridge heel instead of the one in the book? Oh well, it looks great and wasn't hard - two great factors while sock knitting - so I kept it. All in all, I was very pleased with the sock. I loved the yarn - Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn. I loved the needles - Knit Picks DPNs. And the book is pretty cool! The ultimate test was seeing if they fit, and they did, so after whining so much about the picot cuff, I can say I really like these socks!
(Don't tell anybody, but I actually did a gauge swatch. I've NEVER done one of those before. Not sure if I'll ever do one again, but there is a first time for everything. That's our little secret - okay?)

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