February 3, 2009

February Snow!!!!!

Boy! It is really coming down out there! So pretty and peaceful. It's coming down in every direction possible. Kind of feels like we are in a snow globe! Don't know how much will actually stick, but I hope quite a bit of it does.
Same tree a few hours later!

This squirrel must have decided that the ground was a wee bit too cool for his tushy! He was runnning down into the yard and digging up whatever he had stashed away and then climbed up on the deck to eat it. I don't blame him. Even with a fur coat, it's not fun to have a cold tush! Right Mom?

Looks like perfect knitting weather!!! Don'tcha think?

The view up our street.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Your snow pictures are pretty!
It was pretty over here too. I took several pictures, but couldn't stay out there very long, it was so COLD! It started out so slow, but soon came down in bigger flakes...just covering everything.
An old Florida girl's dream-come-true! There are still shady areas
here that look like they are here to stay...well, until the sunshine hits it!
Wish I'd put a big pot of soup on this morning, with some homemade rolls rising! Yummy!:-)
I hope Jeannie's situation in KY. is about to get better. WOW, what a mess!
Well, that's that!
I love you mucho and hope you guys have a good night!
Love, Mom