May 29, 2014

More Thriftiness

Every once in a while I get a text from someone telling me they were at a garage sale, saw some knitting stuff, thought of me and that's it.  I appreciate the thought.  It means somebody is paying attention and knows what I like.  :)  However, this past weekend I got one of those texts from my niece.  She had been to an estate sale in her neighborhood and saw all kinds of knitting stuff and thought of me.  I replied something along the line of "and you are sending it all to me and I'm eternally grateful?"  Close.  She said she was thinking of going back and getting some $5 afghans and would look at the knitting stuff if I wanted her to.  Of course!  Through a series of texts early Saturday morning, she sent pictures and asked questions.  I don't really understand why the company handling the estate sale was selling the needles individually, but they were selling them and cheap!  I gave her my price limit and she did all the rest.  Wow!  What else can I say, but Wow!  This morning when the mailman rang my doorbell, I knew what was waiting for me and I was almost as excited as Harper when he sees the mailman.  

This yarn also found it's way into the box.  She told me I was going to have to send it back - in a different form!  I think that can be arranged.  Nine skeins for $3.  Not bad at all.  As soon as she tells me what her yarn wants to be when it grows up I'll get busy knitting it with some of my 'vintage' finds!

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