May 20, 2014

Knitting Goodness

May has been a good month for knitting goodness.  I finally finished another pair of socks.  I have no idea how they turned out to be identical twins.  It's rare when I'm able to do that!  Once again, this yarn was hand dyed by my amazing Ravelry buddy, Aredhel.  I think these were dyed with Easter egg dye.  (Correct me if I'm wrong Aredhel.)

Look at these great books!  We have a discount store in our town called "Ollie's".  You might have one too.  If you do - go check them out.  I'll wait......
You will find a bunch of crap and then you will find WONDERFUL KNITTING BOOKS!

What makes them so wonderful?  Well, besides the fact that they are current and of interest.....they are cheap!

Check out those prices!  I don't know when on earth I'll ever have a baby in my life to knit for, but for $3.99 I'm willing to buy the book and wait!  Bean is into Fair Isle and I am into socks, so I knew I had to buy those.

This sweet little thing came to live with me for Mother's Day.  I have been admiring the little sheep they have at Plow and Hearth.  Apparently somebody has been listening more than I realized I had been talking!  
What a wonderful surprise!  Now....where to put it????

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Aredhel said...

You got it. The yarn was dyed with Easter egg dyes. Those socks turned out great and your new sheep is too cute:) That's best type of farm animal to have.