February 4, 2013

The Great Chicken Run 2013

Our day started off very slow.  We got out of bed late and were complaining about all chances of any fun or excitement were shot.  As we were sitting around bemoaning our situation, Harper started barking.  No cars out in the driveway.  No kids playing in the street.  No trucks going down the road.  Upon closer examination, R found what he was barking at:  Chickens!  We live on a dead end road.  In our cul de sac there is a seven acre lot which has never been built on.  The family decided to put a garden, bees and chickens there though.  Unfortunately, the family doesn't live in the immediate area.  Due to 'No Tresspassing' signs we haven't ventured too far down that way.  But that didn't stop the chickens from venturing up our way!  First we thought we saw one, then three, then realized more roaming a neighbor's yard.  She had pulled into her drive just as I was approaching and seemed more perturbed than helpful.  So I became a chicken wrangler!  How do you wrangle chickens?  I've never had any experience with them.  So I just started saying, "Here chicky, chicky."  What do you know!  They followed me - just like I was the Pied Piper!  Seven chickens followed me down the lane to their chicken coop.  R brought some bread with her to help lead them into their coop.  Three were easily persuaded.  One was touch and go - she would go in and then come back out.  Three were not having anything to do with it!  They were free range baby!  I finally noticed a name on the no trespassing sign and looked them up on the computer.  A phone call and they were on their way!  We got four fresh eggs for our effort.  It pays to be neighborly!
Not yet, I'm still enjoying the great outdoors!

The three renegades who didn't want to return home.

Finally!  All seven of them safely home.

Chow time.

Our reward for the afternoon adventure.

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Anonymous said...

They just needed a shepherd, er, "chickherd"!