January 25, 2013

Winter Mix

A winter mix sounds somewhat nice.  It could be a mix of Christmas music.  Maybe it could be a mix of something good to eat like Chex mix.  But no, it is the stuff of winter horror stories.  Being a native Floridian I am fascinated by snow.  I like to build snowmen and sled.  I don't even mind driving in it.  A winter mix scares me to death!  Sleet and freezing rain aren't for me.  However, Harper still has to go outside and tend to business.  And he actually loves snow and ice.  You can be freezing your buns off and watching your finger tips fall off and he'll be laying down eating the snow and ice!  Dumb dog.
The little red bird on the mailbox is encased in ice.

My car window.  I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!

Doesn't look bad, but all those little pellets really add up to one slippery mess!
This is Harper's new sleeping spot.  He thinks he's a cat.
This is what he does when he's tired.  Dumb dog!

He kinda looks like a bat, doesn't he?

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Anonymous said...

Such. A. GOOB.