January 2, 2012

Bless My Soul

RL and I haven't had much luck with cars lately.  His truck died in October.  We borrowed Mom's van.  Mom's van had transmission issues and was getting close to dying in December.  Our driveway was starting to look like a bad used car lot!  We decided it was time to look at a new car for RL.  I've been driving an HHR for a few years and loved it, so I wasn't even thinking about a change for me.  Having always loved Kia Souls, I asked him if we could at least go by and test drive one.

These friendly guys greeted us when we went inside to talk to Bullfrog - our salesman.
We drove two cars that day - a Forte and a Soul.  The decision was all RLs, but I just couldn't contain my excitement with the Soul.  It was so much fun to drive and much roomier inside than you would ever imagine.  I LOVED it!  And....since I can't seem to hide the way I feel about things I like, RL knew which car I wanted.
I don't have to tell you which one we bought!  Guess which car RL got????  The old HHR!  That was never my intention.  Apparently it wasn't his either!  We went back a few weeks later and traded in the HHR for a Kia Sorento!  Good thing I got yarn for Christmas, because all of my future yarn funds will be going toward car payments.  :)

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