January 18, 2012

Birthday Headquarters!

We had a birthday at our house.  Monday, R turned 24 and we had to celebrate!
I made her cake this year.  Some years she does, others I do.  She requested at 1, 2, 3, 4 Cake from one of James Beards recipe books.  Turns out you can find the recipe almost anywhere.  Really good cake and simple to make.  Thank goodness!  She requested strawberry filling and whipped cream for icing.  Very, very good!

She made herself a banner.  It was a WHOLE lot longer than what made it onto the cake, but there wasn't much room due to the candles.  We could have ended that birthday with a visit from the fire department if the entire banner was on there!
She picked out her own candles too.  How many types of candles do you need?  Apparently she needed three different types.  Very colorful and very smoky when they were all blown out!  Lots of fun gifts and phone calls made for a very happy birthday for my baby girl!

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