November 29, 2011

Poor Harper!

Harper's new look!

Harper visited the vet yesterday to be 'tutored'.  We sat him down and explained to him what was going to happen.  I don't think he was listening.  It would have been easier if I had had a picture book, but they just don't make those.  Go figure!  :)  Anyway, we dropped him off yesterday morning and picked him up yesterday afternoon.  After the drugs wore off and he realized 'part of him was gone', he starting licking....and licking....and licking....  That just would not do.  So, off to the vet for some snazzy neckwear!  Doesn't he look dapper?  Bless his heart, he can't judge distance and keeps ramming into furniture.  I know this is one look he'll be glad to be rid of!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

he looks like he likes it - what a goober. I think you ALL should wear a collar so he won/t feel bad about himself