November 27, 2011

Little Did We Know.....

Somebody was needing a home.  R has wanted a puppy since she was little.  However, the first puppy episode was disastrous!  Maybe since she was no longer 7 but 23 she could handle it a little better!  But were we ready?  NO!  RL and I were not.  L was indifferent.  After begging us to at least go to the rescue shelter, we couldn't stand it anymore relented and went.  We met so many puppies!  A litter of ten puppies caught our attention.  All of them had names of bears.  Boo-Boo worked his way into Rs heart.  Then the little stinker worked his way into our car! 

Harper on the way home from the rescue shelter.
Passed out in 'his' LazyBoy!
His tongue out after playing with his 'stick'
Pooped puppy!

His new leash

It's been a rough day!

Harper has been with us for a couple of months now.  What a sweetie he is.  He wears us out, but he's still sweet.  Any advice to make him stop biting?  This family is probably anemic due to the blood he's cost us!  Friday he was five months old.  The ear is no longer droopy - I wanted him to keep that!  He could never take Ginger's place in our hearts, but who knew we had room for a puppy in there too!?!

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