January 15, 2011


Seems like only last month I was trying to Christmas shop with L..... I was talking to him about what he wanted to get R. Some years he's needs input, but not this year! He knew exactly what he wanted to get for her. On one of the blogs she frequents, they mentioned a bread baking book. Seems somewhere along the way that she mentioned to him that if she got the book, she would make some bagels for him. My kids love bagels. (Does she know how to get her way or what????)

We had to wait until she wasn't around - which isn't often - and look on the internet for this particular book. He couldn't remember the name, but could remember the blog. So we scanned the blog and found it. Then we ordered it and the rest is history. True to her word, she made bagels. And what wonderful bagels they were. She needs to make some more. The above were cranberry with just a smidge of orange zest. The below picture shows one of the everything bagels. Plus she made plain. I think she made a dozen in all.

Tomorrow is her birthday, so I guess I'll have to do the baking for her. No bagels, but cake!


L. Howard said...

Yum! I tried making bagels but they didn't turn out that well. I don't have the knack for bread baking.

Thimbleanna said...

But wait! What is the bagel book? And are they like the ones you'd buy in a bagel shop? Are they hard to make? I've never made bagels, but it might be fun to try -- those look wonderful!