September 21, 2010

What a Week! What? It's Only Tuesday?

I think Ginger has the right idea. It has been quite a week. Actually it's been quite a week for the past two weeks. First the refrigerator died. I think it was from magnet overload, but you can never be too sure. Do we get it fixed? Do we get a new one? It was seven years old. Aren't they supposed to last fifteen? Whatever. We ended up getting a new one. Runs beautifully. Definitely an expense we weren't counting on for quite some time....QUITE some time.
Do you like the afghan Ginger is on? My grandmother was great at crocheting. Every year one of us grandkids would get an afghan made in our colors. I still have mine. It's pink, blue and white. It makes the rounds around here in the winter keeping us warm. After Gram died in 1997, these squares were found in a hope chest in her bedroom. My sister had them for a while. When she found out that Gram had never made baby afghans for my babies, she sent them to me. My babies are now 20 and 22, but it was still nice of her. They've been sitting in a bag for some time now. The weekend before last was her birthday. I thought that would be a wonderful time to finally crochet them together. So now we have a new lap afghan thanks to Gram and my sister. It is WARM too. It will be perfect for this winter.

Do you see that? No knives or knitting needles permitted. What kind of world is this? R got called for jury duty - well, IF they call your number. Wouldn't you know - they called her number. Well, she won't be chosen. No, she can't be chosen. They chose her. Not only did they pick her out of all those people, they wouldn't let her bring knitting needles! What kind of animals don't let you bring knitting needles to a stressful situation? R is not an early morning person - okay, I'll be honest here, she's not a morning person. Actually, noon is a little early. That's a whole other story though. So, we got an alarm clock that said it was guaranteed to wake you up. When I went to check on her that first morning she was afraid she had had a heart attack and was seriously considering an aspirin regimen. We pumped her full of her favorite hot tea and tons of reading material. Two days later and a major learning experience behind her, she is finished. Whew!

There you have it. I made myself tired reliving these experiences..... I'll try to do something a little more exciting that doesn't require major appliances or a government summons.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow. No knitting needles??? That's just stupid. Sounds like it's been a little stressful. Hopefully fall and the cooler weather will lighten things up a bit!