September 10, 2010

Baby Knitting

Seems like it's that time of year again. Baby knitting time! RL has a coworker who is expecting her first baby in November. He asked me to knit a hat. I was thrilled! I have knit hats for his coworkers babies before, but he's never actually asked me! I went through all my books, needles and yarn until I decided on this one. I probably wouldn't have chosen red and black on my own, but the baby Mom is a graduate of NC State, so it was necessary! So far I've knit for babies belonging to a Michigan grad and an Appalachian grad. I don't care what else you knit for babies - the biggest reaction comes from hats knit in Mom's or Dad's college colors! I have some left over and if I can find the right size needles, baby Mom might be getting one too!
Thank you for your comments regarding our friend. She is sorely missed.
Thank you also for your comments regarding the German restaurant. You'll have to give me some ideas on what to try next. I have no idea what is good!

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