July 7, 2010

A Walk Through Town

We live in a very small town in North Carolina. When we walk to town, we are walking about a quarter of a mile. When we bought our house, we had no idea we were 'downtown'. Lately we've been trying to go walking every night. With the high temperatures, though, the walks are short! Last week we went for our 'short walk' with the kids. R brought her camera and L stood patiently with her while she took pictures of whatever caught her eye. I never know quite what she will see and it's so interesting to see the same walk through her eyes.
I LOVE this picture! I wonder if that is the law enforcement group waiting for someone to loiter! I wouldn't want to tangle with them. There wasn't much activity from law enforcement when we were standing there. Apparently what we were doing didn't qualify as loitering. Whew!
I don't know how long this tab from a soft drink had been there, but obviously long enough for grass to grow through the hole.

We couldn't figure out what this beautiful flower was. R thought it looked like a sweet pea. After some Internet searching, she found out it's an everlasting pea. It's supposed to be invasive, but we prefer to call it hardy! R is looking for people to talk her out of finding seeds for it. So, if you have an opinion, please share.

This picture as well as the one below were taken of a pine tree. What's the big deal about yet another pine tree in NC? Well, it was in the process of coming out of the ground! Made me a nervous wreck for any of us to be under it. However, the photographer and her spotter are a daring breed and went for it.

That is our walk downtown. Hope you enjoyed it!


Thimbleanna said...

Pretty Pictures! It looks like it's very beautiful where you live!

kelly said...


kelly said...

the pictures are lovely. Wonder where that talent comes from?

R said...