September 20, 2009

Guess Where We Went???

Have you figured it out?
What about now?

Yep, the Wake Forest vs. Elon football game at the BB&T Stadium in Winston-Salem!
I am not a football fan. However, there is something about being at the game instead of watching it on television that makes it exciting! This morning, RL told me that he had managed to get five tickets at work for the game. Okay, I was listening. The game was Saturday night - a few hours from when he was telling me. Before I told Mom, who loves football, I decided to ask the kids if they would like to go. I am so ashamed to say that neither one of them has ever been to a football game. Since they were homeschooled, we didn't go to high school games. So, at 21 and 19, they attended their very first, in person football game.
By the way, when it came time to ask Mom if she wanted to go, she didn't have to be asked twice!
Our view was great! We had seats on the visitors side - just where the Wake Forest fans sort of mixed in with the Elon fans. We had the privilege of sitting in front of some very disgruntled Elon fans. Made for an interesting game!
Final score!

This field clears out fast! We had no trouble getting out of the stadium, finding our car and hitting the road home. It was a very good evening with cool temperatures and the kids enjoyed their first football experience. What more could I have asked for?


Mom... said...

I'll, tell you "what more we could ask for..." An FSU/Florida Game, when we could win on their turf, while "Mr. I AM PERFECT" is still their quarterback! I don't think that's gonna' happen!!! I do think that "HE" will lose a game this year, but I don't know who will do it.
I hope the "Wake Team" will be succesful this year. It was great fun watching all the festivities. Listening to the sore losers behind us was a riot...I don't think they ever stopped swearing!
See you in a few...Mom

Linda said...

Sounds like so much fun! You make wish we could have been and my hubby is not even a football fan. He does the NHRA... drag racing.. ;o)