July 26, 2008

Tiny Bubbles? I Don't Think So!

Yesterday was a bubble kind of day. The kids found a couple of bubble recipes on-line and have been trying to perfect them. I think they've just about got the recipe right.

R made her 'bubble maker' from a straw cut in two, for handles, and yarn tied into a circle laced through the straw handles. That's her to the right showing how she swoops her hands and the bubbles just come out. This is a great bubble recipe, but it makes some pretty thick bubbles. Believe me, when one of these bubbles pops, you do not want to be underneath!

I love this picture. Kind of looks like the moon right above the trees.

L finished his year end testing that is required by the state for home schoolers. We both were really dreading it! It didn't help that he had a cold and felt crummy. Crummy or not, he did a terrific job! I was so proud of him. He hadn't been doing well in Math the past few years, but he really pumped up his score and surprised even himself!

Knitting is still going on. I've got another generic pair on the needles. I looked through my stash the other day for inspiration and found some yarn that has been sitting there for so long, I don't know how old it is, where I got it or even where the label is. Oh well, they are turning out, so I can't complain. I have no idea what R is knitting...probably a number of projects! She's wanting to sew soon, so we'll just add that to the list. I don't blame her. I've been itching to sew a few small projects too. Check out Thimbleanna's blog and see all the wonderful things she crafts! Ah, to be so talented!

Reading is also one of our enjoyable past times right now. I started reading 'Tom Sawyer' at night before bed. Then I thought the kids would really enjoy it. So, in the evenings when we sit outside after dinner, I've started reading it out loud. It's fun to hear the kids laugh at the parts they really enjoy. I have never tired of reading to them and I'm so happy they haven't tired of it either. When trying to get us to nap when we were kids, Mom would read to us. I loved that. She would do all the voices just right. Sometimes I would lie next to her and watch her mouth move and all those neat voices come out!

Lately I've been feeling a little like Ginger. This picture kind of sums it up. Wonder where I can find a paper bag big enough...


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, thanks for your seet compliment -- you're a dear!

LOVE the bubble pictures. And the reading aloud tales. I wish my kids were little again -- guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren! I loved reading aloud to my boys and like you I was surprised at how old they were and still enjoyed it. Wonder if they would sit for it now LOL???/

Barbara P said...

The bubbles are magnificent...as are the super kids who made them!!! And...to think waaay back, to the Ice Age, that I was satisfied with a piece of bent wire and a fruit jar full of slimy Ivory Soap!!! Oh brother!
In my yonder years...I went to school in a covered wagon, pulled by Pa's favorite ox, "Old Belle."
My, my, my...what a life to behold!
I luv, luv, LOVE the picture of "Ginger!" How cute! She's gotten so photogenic, and outgoing, trying all these new poses lately. At least she's coming out'a the bedroom and "blending in" with the rest of the family! Heaven knows she has a long, LONG way to go, if she's gonna' blend!
We had a bit of rain and "a thunder!" It's been rather pleasant and comfortable today. The A/C hardly came on at all last night...that was a welcome change.
Better close and get dinner going.
I love you guys,

AllyJo said...

Oh oh oh, you make me want to go buy bubbles. I haven't played bubbles in so long. Our cat does the same thing. He will even sit on the floor and look up at you as if he's asking, "Aren't you going to put that thing down so I can climb in."

God bless you this week dear sister!