May 30, 2011

Closed For Remodelling

Not the blog - me! seems i broke my elbow and will need surgery tomorrow. we bought bikes to get into shape. well, I'm in a different shape now! i actually have another piece than when i started. i collided with L on our bikes and 'broke' my fall with my elbow. and - ironies of ironies - i finally found a knitting pattern I've been looking for for over a month! It will have to wait another month at least. what on earth am i supposed to do with only one hand?


Luann said...

So Sorry about your accident. Hope all went well and you are mending now.

karenFL said...

How are you doing? I had a dream that you came to visit me and that you were knitting the most beautiful lace like it was nothing! Just my brain telling me to drop you a note.

Hope you are healing well. Broken bones are apparently fashionable right now. Lin broke her ankle last weekend but didn't need surgery as of yet. They are going to check next week to see if there's any improvement. Get better soon.