February 11, 2011


I must remember that 'stressed backwards is desserts.' Unfortunately my waistline knows it! Maybe a diet isn't a good idea with Valentine's coming up....and having a great baker or two in the house doesn't help matters. However Stress has become my middle name and eating has become my latest past time. I'm trying to ignore the growling while I knit or read and try desperately to keep my mind on other things besides sweets.

I finally, finally, finally got around to taking some pictures of some sweet gifts. Luann made the cutest pins for R and me and sent them at Christmas time. I've been waiting for sunny days to take pictures and then I forget to take them! The sun has been quite rare lately so I'm going to use that as my excuse! I have no idea how on earth she knit these on toothpicks. Yes, she did knit them on the toothpicks. I would have cheated and used needles and then transferred them. This is one dedicated knitter. Thank you Luann! We both love them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

These are my new sock blockers. I bought a great set of sock blockers from Loopy Ewe a few years ago. I love the crazy little designs on them and the bright red. Well, they got thrown around a little too much and they just broke. So taking pictures of new socks has been a little difficult. Hearing my whining once too often, Santa's elves took pity on me and got me a new set this past Christmas. Before I put socks on them, I HAD to share the way they were decorated. Aren't they cute? I've got a pair of socks waiting to try them out.

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Thimbleanna said...

Eeeek! Those little pins are adorable! What a clever little gift!