October 16, 2010

Fair Time In The City

Fall around these parts means lots of things. Acorns pelting you when you walk down to the mail box. Changing Leaves. The fair. This year we didn't have anything entered, but we decided to go and take in the sights.
Boo! It's a sheep ghost!

These poor little sheep! They were in these covers, in a barn that was a little too warm. We wanted to liberate the sheep!
This is highly unusual. There are normally lots and lots and lots of mega pumpkins. However, this year we haven't had much rain, so we haven't had many pumpkins. These were the only three. At least you were guaranteed a ribbon!

This is Bob. He's a 22 year old Percheron. This picture doesn't show just how MASSIVE this horse was! They had eight of them. RL loves VWs. So, when we were looking at the horses and saw how much they weighed - between 1,700 and 2,200 pounds - he said, "Wow! That's more than a VW!"

These were some wooden turned bowls. Beautiful! Unfortunately we didn't get to see the demonstration, but we still got to admire the handiwork.

The chainsaw artist was there - we missed his demonstration too! They had these sculptures for a silent auction. They were really cool!

Quilts were hanging from the rafters in the arts and crafts building. So many beautiful quilts!

And while we were at the fair, Ginger was enjoying a nice, warm pile of clean laundry! Does she know how to party or what????

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